Events List


  • Regular Club Runs - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm

    Our regular club runs are held every week on Tuesday and Thursday and start at either the Beansheaf Community Center, Reading, RG31 7AW or (usually on the last Tuesday of the month) from Prospect Park, Main Car Park, RG30 2ND. Please see below for details.

    On Thursdays, in addition to a regular club run, we hold training sessions and our Summer Handicap series. The location and content of these sessions vary, so please see below for details.

    For all evening sessions, including training and the Summer Handicap, we meet at 7:00pm for a 7:20pm start.

    Our regular club runs last about 45 - 60 minutes and cover from 4 to 7 miles. There are several running groups to choose from and each group runs at a different pace, from ~11:30 min/mile for the slowest to about ~8 min/mile for the fastest. We can also arrange for an additional slower group if required so there is ample choice for runners and joggers of all abilities. We use a dozen or more well-tried routes around Calcot and Tilehurst, often on woodland trails, canal and lakes during the lighter summer evenings, but choose the local well-lit pavements during the winter. Throughout the year, we offer pleasant running to anyone who prefers not to train alone. Each group has a leader appointed by the Club Captain, or his deputy, to show the way around the route. The group leader will also try to find an experienced runner to stay with anyone lagging behind, and deal with any minor incidents that may happen, but it must be stressed that runners take part at their own risk.
  • Thursday 13th September 2018 : Zigzag Runs - Beansheaf

    Meet at Beansheaf Community Centre, RG31 7AW.
    Meet at 19:00 for 19:15 start

    Because of the time of year and the fading light I would like to start the warm-up no later than 19:15. Many thanks.

    This session will be on grass.

    This can be either a speed and acceleration drill or a strength-endurance session. This is dependent of the length of the zigzags. This session will be for strength-endurance. A series of six markers are placed at approximately 60m intervals. Six 60m sprints are made with approximately 90 degree turns around each marker. Because you have to decelerate to get round each marker and then accelerate to the next marker, this will improve both your co-ordination, strength and ability to accelerate. As a bonus this will help you in a race situation. You will then jog or walk back (the long three sided way) back to the start. Each set will consist of 4 or 5 runs and then a complete recovery of 4-5 minutes before the next set. There will be 2 or 3 sets. The long recovery will ensure maximum intensity for each set.

    The time for this session will be 35-40 minutes.
  • Tuesday 18th September 2018 : Club Run - Beansheaf

    Meet at Beansheaf Community Centre, RG31 7AW.
    Meet at 19:00 for 19:20 start

    Meet at the Beansheaf Community Centre as normal for a club run.
  • Thursday 20th September 2018 : Up and Down - Prospect Park

    Meet at Prospect Park, Main car park, RG30 2ND.
    Meet at 19:00 for 19:20 start
    Up and Down

    500m - Continuous or individual 250m Up and 250m down.
    30 seconds jog recovery between each rep.

    Start at tennis courts and run up towards the Mansion House and then down toward the bowling green.
    30 seconds jog or active recovery.

    Then return to the tennis courts.
    30 seconds jog or active recovery.

    Please keep to the left in each direction.

    Repeat the above until the set time is reached (about 35 to 40 minutes).

    Aim:- Correct running uphill, maintaining the effort at the top and then correct relaxed running downhill
  • Tuesday 25th September 2018 : Club Run - Prospect Park

    Meet at Prospect Park, Main car park, RG30 2ND.
    Meet at 19:00 for 19:20 start

    The club run will take place from Prospect Park on the last Tuesday of the month.
  • Thursday 27th September 2018 : High Intensity Training (HIT) - Theale

    Meet at Old A4 at Theale, RG7 5AG.
    Session will start at 19:20

    This session will be on the old A4 at Theale. It is well lit.

    You can either meet at the Beansheaf Community Centre or at the session site.

    1. You can go over the junction 12 motorway roundabout, towards the Theale bypass, and turn right at the next roundabout towards Theale. At the T-junction mini roundabout turn right and park up near the barrier.

    2. If you decide to park at Beansheaf you can then jog to the session site as a warm up. You turn right into Sainsbury's and then left into Pincents Lane, passing Porche Cars to your right and Dunelm to your left and head towards the footbridge over the motorway. I shall be going direct to the site.

    ( I did not mention this, but you could sneak into the multi-story Ikea or Sainsburys car parks and then walk over the motorway bridge)

    This is a minimum mileage activity which can prove as effective as Interval Training. It can improve the cardiovascular fitness as much as an hour of moderate level aerobic running ( Tuesday Evenings )
    The short bouts of exercise can improve muscle fitness and performance comparable to several weeks of traditional endurance training if it was done on a regular basis. However we are going to use it as part of the overall training sessions.
    It also improves the utilisation of oxygen to help the body rid itself of unwanted Lactic Acid

    There will be a thorough warm up including some drills.

    4 to 6 x 60 metre strides before you start the session.

    6 x (Sprint 15 secs + 15 secs rest) at 75-85% effort.
    2 minute rest before next set.

    6 x (Sprint 20 secs + 20 secs rest) at 85-90% effort
    3 minute rest before next set.

    8 x (Sprint 20 secs + 25 secs rest) at 90-95% effort.
    4 minute rest before next set.

    2 x (Sprint 15 secs + 30 secs rest) at 95 + effort.

    Possibly 2 sets or 1 complete set and part of the second set. This is a short session but it is hard.
    Gentle warm down followed by stretch down to finish.

    Aim:- To improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and running efficiency.

    I will control this with a whistle
  • Schedule for RJ 32nd Summer Handicap Series (2018)
  • You only have to complete FOUR of the EIGHT, or five of the eight if you have not taken part in the summer handicap before
  • We meet in the Car Park at the top of Prospect Park, Main car park, RG30 2ND. by 19:00. The first runners away no later than 19:20.
  • Points are awarded as follows : 1 Point for First place, 2 Points for Second place, 3 Points for Third place ...and so on.
  • The winner will be the member with the lowest number of points who has completed the required number of races.
  • The first handicap is 2.5 miles, the next six are 5 miles and the last one is 2.5 miles.
  • Summer Handicap segment (on Strava)
  • Thursday 12-Apr-2018 : Summer Handicap #1

    The first handicap is 2.5 miles.
  • Thursday 3rd May 2018 : Summer Handicap #2

    5 miles.
  • Thursday 24th May 2018 : Summer Handicap #3

    5 miles.
  • Thursday 7th June 2018 : Summer Handicap #4

    5 miles.
  • Thursday 28th June 2018 : Summer Handicap #5 (new date)

    5 miles.
  • Thursday 26th July 2018 : Summer Handicap #6

    5 miles.
  • Thursday 16th August 2018 : Summer Handicap #7

    5 miles.
  • Thursday 6th September 2018 : Summer Handicap #8

    The last handicap is 2.5 miles.
  • Schedule for Reading Joggers 27th Winter Handicap Series (2017-18)
  • You only have to complete three of the six, or four of the six if you have not run the winter handicap before or did not run it last season
  • We meet in the Car Park at the top of Sulham Hill by 09:20 AM for 09:30 AM start.
  • The total distance is 7.58 miles over three laps.
  • Winter Handicap segment (on Strava)
  • 29-Oct-2017 : Winter Handicap #1

    Please note, the clocks go back ONE hour so make sure you arrive at the correct time.
  • 19-Nov-2017 : Winter Handicap #2

  • 21-Jan-2018 : Winter Handicap #3

  • 04-Feb-2018 : Winter Handicap #4

  • 25-Feb-2018 : Winter Handicap #5

  • 25-Mar-2018 : Winter Handicap #6

The 2018-19 Reading Joggers Club Championship is now underway.

Please follow the link to see the current standings -

The rules/format of the Championship, and list of races are as follows:

  • To qualify you need to run at least one race at each distance (5 Miles, 10k, 10Miles, Half Marathon).
  • If you run more than one race at the same distance i.e. Two 10ks the race with the highest points will count towards your championship score.
  • You’re competing against members in your own age category.
  • Men: Senior (under 40), M40-49, M50-59, M60-69, M70+
  • Ladies: Senior (under 35), F35-44, F45-54, F55-64, F65+
  • Your Championship age category is determined by your age on 1st April (start of club championship).
  • Within each age category, the fastest finisher scores 50 points, the next fastest 49 points, and so on.
  • For your race result to qualify for the Championship you must run in Club Vest/T-shirt.
  • Times will be based on individual chip times rather than gun times, where provided.
  • 5 miles - Marlow 5 (13th May), Bracknell Forest 5 (20th June), Summer Handicap (16th August)
  • 10k - Green Park (20th May), Thames 10k Beale Park (5th July), Woodcote (January - date TBC)
  • 10 miles - Tadley (14th October), Gutbuster (30th December), Maidenhead Easter 10 (19th April)
  • Half marathon - Maidenhead (2nd September), Wokingham (24th February), Reading (March - date TBC)
  • More details to follow

  • Upcoming Social events for Reading Joggers
  • 8th September 2018 : Summer(ish) Family Barbeque - 12-4pm

    This will be at theBeansheaf so we have a location with toilets and running water.

    Family members are welcome, please let Dan Gurney ( know how many people you are bringing and if you have any special dietary requirements.

    We will have some activities planned for the day such as rounders and possibly a fun run (other suggestions are also welcome).

    Please see the Facebook Event page for more information.

    Meet at Beansheaf Community Center, Reading, RG31 7AW
  • 16-Sep-2018 : Round Reading Relay 2018

    Meet at Prospect Park, Main car park, RG30 2ND.
    Meet at 08:45 am for 09:00 start